Ummm hello? Ummm hi?

Mar 10, 2011 No Comments

Mt. Bromo was erupting. Or more aptly it had been erupting for some time. This explained so many things. For example, why there were so few people heading up to Cemoro Lawang. Why everyone looked at me like I was crazy for going. Why the entire roadway and most of the town was covered in […]

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My new obsession: Part Duex

Jan 01, 2011 4 Comments

Gondolas. Seriously, NZ has a ton of them. I rode the one in Rotorua and now the one in Christchurch. Sadly this one did not come with luging and I was unable to show-off my innate ability to fall off of them again. Anyways, gondolas. Awesome stuff. Although I can never shake the feeling that […]

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The one and only Milford Sound

Dec 30, 2010 1 Comment

In rains here quite a bit. Like all the time. Way way too much and most of the time we’re annoyed at it. It ruins our plans and cancels our trips and all in all it’s obnoxious. But in the case of Milford Sound it was the best thing that could have happened according to […]

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Boring history or how I lost my mind

Dec 13, 2010 1 Comment

The Buried Village: destroyed in a crazy volcanic eruption long time ago. The Buried Village: boring as hell. I tried mom, I tried really hard to get into the history of this place. But they are brilliant at advertising, meaning that they lied about everything. It’s supposed to be this amazing excavated site. It’s not. […]

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Where are Dean and Sam when you need them?

Dec 09, 2010 2 Comments

Wai-O-Tapu, I still have no idea how to pronounce it but it is super spiffy. A geothermal volcanic area south of Rotorua, it has some of the most colorful features. Now that I have wheels, yay!, I could get out to see some of the more remote areas. I headed out here first thing in […]

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Volcano = Big Hill

Dec 01, 2010 1 Comment

Auckland is full of volcanoes. Tons of them actually. The whole damn city is basically a volcano. We went hiking a few of them the other day. One of the is called One Tree Hill. Sadly there is no tree anymore. Evidently an activist cut it down over several tries. First time I’ve heard of […]

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