Oct 20, 2011 No Comments

Flush with our pumpkins from the farm, we set out to carve! I haven’t carved out a pumpkin in years! First step, gutting them. This part is always my least favorite. It takes forever and you never seem to get it all. Just keep scraping away at the inside until you give up and more […]

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Proof Postive

Oct 20, 2011 1 Comment

My bother is weird. I’ve always known this. He embraces it. It’s par for the course for the Fails children. While he was here in Denver, we went to the REI flagship store. It’s the best outdoor store ever invented. This one comes with it’s own rockclimbing wall inside. Just in case you want to […]

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High Coast Lunacy

Aug 12, 2011 4 Comments

I spent the last 2 weeks up in northern Sweden, an area called High Coast. It’s a gorgeous place and a strange one as well. It’s on the UNESCO world heritage list because the land here is actually rising. Somehow since they had some ginormous glaciers pushing down on the land for so long, evidently […]

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Jul 25, 2011 1 Comment

I’ve pretty much seen every scam in the book on this trip, I’ve been gone long enough. But this one? This one took the cake. I’m walking down from my hostel this morning when suddenly there’s this 10 year old boy walking along with me. He keeps talking to me in Turkish, which of course, […]

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Best. Sign. EVER.

Jul 13, 2011 No Comments

  This street sign was spotted in Poland. Evidently you may only use this crosswalk if you meet the following criteria: You are a small girl You have a ponytail with a bow in it. You have an extremely unproportionate candy on a stick. It can’t be a lollypop, it must have a wrapper. And […]

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Hello, My Name is Mooch

Jul 11, 2011 3 Comments

My new best American buddies, Matt and Merrit, left me all alone in Olomouc as they headed into Poland. I spent the next day beating my head against the wall trying to figure out my next moves. Luckily they emailed me saying they had been upgraded to a two bedroom flat in Krakow, and invited […]

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4th of July Czech Style

Jul 05, 2011 No Comments

With my two new American best buds, Matt and Merrit, we set out to celebrate the 4th of July! First stop of the night was the St. Wenceslas Brewery in town. This little microbrewery made some damn fine beer. I had their signature St. Wenceslas brew, a really good copper beer. Merrit gave the sour […]

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Olomouc, Home of Artists on Crack

Jul 05, 2011 1 Comment

Prague, while beautiful, is also freakin filled with tourists. I mean it is slightly ridiculous. Wanting to get a more authentic view of the Czech Republic, I headed out to a town on the eastern edge called Olomouc. It’s home to one of the best universities in Czech and therefore should be filled with students. […]

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Dem Bones, Dem Bones

Jul 05, 2011 1 Comment

In a little town outside of Prague lies the most bizarre church I have ever seen. During the Black Death and the following wars, there were 40,000 to 70,000 people buried at this location. Soon of course there became too many bodies to deal with, so some enterprising monk started arranging the bones into piles. […]

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Midsummers: Part III

Jun 27, 2011 2 Comments

This post is purely so you can understand the Swedish night. I took a photo of the night sky every hour so you at home can finally comprehend what I mean about the sunsets. (It was massively entertaining to my Swedish friends everytime I ran outside.) See?!?! Not only does the sun never actually go […]

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Swedish Engineering: Calling All Squints!

Jun 27, 2011 4 Comments

Sweden makes some pretty great stuff. IKEA, H&M (as I recently discovered) etc, etc. And they have a pretty nice navy as they’ve got a ton of water surrounding them. But sometimes that great planning goes to hell in a handbasket. Example for today’s lesson: The Vasa. The Vasa was a massive warship built in […]

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