Some H&M for Em

Jun 27, 2011 1 Comment

So I have a confession to make. I thought that H&M, the most wonderful clothing store, was from the UK. Prob cause Em told me about it and she studied abroad in Scotland.  I sadly did not know I was mistaken in this belief until I walked into the Flagship Store in Stockholm, Sweden and […]

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Back to Sweden

Jun 21, 2011 3 Comments

Since I spent the last post seemingly talking about all the ways I like Asia more than Europe, let’s do the opposite here. Countries in Europe are so frackin close to each other! It’s insane. For example I needed to be out of the apartment I’ve been crashing at for the week. What to do […]

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Thoughts on Sweden

May 27, 2011 3 Comments

Since I’ve been here in the land of the Swedish Chef  for a week, I thought I’d give some random thoughts on life here. People here have jobs. Well obviously people everywhere have jobs but it’s strange to be hanging out with people who do. They get up every morning and go to work and […]

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Helpful Scam Artists

Mar 12, 2011 2 Comments

Jogja is plagued with salesmen hawking everything under the sun: transportation, batik, watches, jewelry. You name it, they hound you about it. This played out in two scenarios over the previous days. The First: Maliboro Street Market Batik is a type of fabric painting that Indonesia and particularly Java is known for. It’s also the […]

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WTF is this made of?!?!

Dec 03, 2010 2 Comments

I finished the book I had brought with me and today decided to buy a new one. I had passed a huge bookstore on Queens Street several times in downtown Auckland and thought it would a good place to start looking. I could not have been more wrong! Let’s take a look shall we? This […]

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Spiffy Travel Credit Card

Nov 05, 2010 3 Comments

Searching for a travel credit card is one big freakin hassle. They all are basically the same, offering some sort of mile bonus when you sign up, supposed no-blackout dates (which we all know is a lie), etc, etc. I knew I at least needed some card that offered miles because if I’m buying a […]

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OMG, I bought the ticket

Nov 03, 2010 1 Comment

So now it’s real! I’ve bought the plane ticket to take me to New Zealand. Leaves November 23rd, arrives of course 2 days later NZ. I decided not to go for a round-the-world ticket as I wanted to be as flexible in my destinations. But I will repeat what I read over and over, not […]

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