High Coast Lunacy

Aug 12, 2011 4 Comments

I spent the last 2 weeks up in northern Sweden, an area called High Coast. It’s a gorgeous place and a strange one as well. It’s on the UNESCO world heritage list because the land here is actually rising. Somehow since they had some ginormous glaciers pushing down on the land for so long, evidently […]

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Giants Need Not Apply

Jul 27, 2011 2 Comments

I’ve finally realized how the poor people of Turkey have survived so long in this heat. They all lived in caves or even better, in underground cities. One of the largest and most preserved is the underground city at Derinkuyu. This complex is massive, a full 8 floors with tunnels, stairs, halls, kitchens, wineries, and […]

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Crazy Cave Castles

Jul 25, 2011 5 Comments

Cappadocia’s main draw is the fairy chimneys which are made from eroding rock formations. The soft rock has diminished over time to leave these “chimneys” behind. They are millions of them and some have been even made into hotel rooms. Fantastic! For my first stop here I headed out to Uchisar Castle. Once again it’s […]

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From the Other Side

Jul 17, 2011 2 Comments

As though we hadn’t had enough punishment, Matt, Merrit and I went across the border into Slovakia to hike some more. Gah. Upside was that we stayed at this awesome little hostel called the Ginger Monkey where they had a dog, a cat and a chicken. B ut they did have amazing recommendations on food […]

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I Heart the Highlands

Jul 17, 2011 1 Comment

Picture this: You step off the bus from hell. Filled with puking children and mothers alike, to find yourself in this tiny mountain town. But the town is packed with people and more surprising is the number of horse drawn carriages. Seriously at almost every corner we ran into a new horse carriage. It finally […]

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1001 Ways to Kill Your Legs

Jul 13, 2011 2 Comments

Way down south in Poland on the border with Slovakia there are the Tatra Mountains. They are massive and extremely impressive. My american duo, Matt and Merrit, and I headed down to Zakopane on the border to do some hiking. Side note: I’ve been named the family dog, as they said they just adopted me […]

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There Be Giants Afoot!

Jun 18, 2011 1 Comment

Since Friday was reported to be the only good sunny day of the week, I decided to take advantage of it and get outta town! And see some windmills of course! Sadly the tulip season is over but I couldn’t come to Dutchland and not see some windmills. It would be a crime. The best […]

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Zee Island!

Jun 13, 2011 1 Comment

Ok so not really the island, cause that one will always belong to LOST. This one doesn’t come with polar bears or smoke monsters or Others. But it is still a good time. Sisters Emili and Maya are from a small island off the coast from Gothenburg and we all headed out Sunday for a […]

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What I Did With My Weekend

Jun 08, 2011 1 Comment

This weekend was jam-packed with crazy shenanigans. First up? Friday: Emili’s Graduation Party! She was graduating from nursing school, and ha d a big backyard bash to celebrate! Super amounts of fun to sit around the table drinking boxed wine and eating quiche. Well I suppose it was quiche. I never quite know what I’m […]

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And Finally, There Was Sun!

Jun 03, 2011 2 Comments

For days now I’ve been complaining to every Swede that I could find about the weather. I had been told, lied to I now believe, that the weather here was beautiful in May. Lies! It’s been cold and rainy and generally icky. Ok it’s probably not that cold, I just don’t have a proper coat. […]

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One Great Workout

May 14, 2011 5 Comments

The Great Wall: the ultimate symbol of China. I elected to go to the Jinshaling section, a relatively unrestored bit 4 hours from Beijing. Since it’s the furthest away from Beijing it also has the least tourists making for a better climb. Of course I should have thought about the 5am wake-up call for the […]

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