Operation Escape

The Great Cube Farm Escape!

The Decision:

Having worked as a graphic designer in many different corporate offices (or rat mazes), I finally decided to break away and do something I’ve always dreamed about: Travel the World! As the world is pretty damn big and I’m fairly poor, I felt the need to narrow it down. Slightly. Maybe. Possibly. Which brings us to…

The Plan:

I plan on traveling for a year or until the money runs out — whichever comes first. My plan is to buy a one-way ticket to New Zealand and plot the rest of the trip from there, in order to be as flexible as possible. I plan on staying pretty much in Southeast Asia. It’s cheap to travel and more importantly, extremely different from any other places I’ve already been. NZ will be my jumping off point into the region. I’m leaving in November! Eek!


I’m keeping this blog along the way for several reasons:

1. I’m a geek, plain and simple. I love photography, traveling, tinkering, and telling tall tales so a blog seems like a natural choice.

2. To keep my mother from panicking as much as possible. Look mom! I’m not dead or dehydrated!

3. As pointed out by Emily, my former roommate and always peem to my meep, that this way I wouldn’t have to send out 12 million emails to everyone back home. She’s a thinker that one.

Along the way, I’ll share photos, reviews, tips and tricks.