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This is…… TORTURE!

Nov 11, 2010 1 Comment

I’m a movie addict. Seriously, it’s insane. I finally stopped having all my movies in their original boxes and now just store them in a huge binder. Which is full. And exploding. My friend Stacey just comes over and rents movies from us. It’s ridiculous! Now comes the problem, I can only take about 10 […]

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Spiffy Travel Credit Card

Nov 05, 2010 3 Comments

Searching for a travel credit card is one big freakin hassle. They all are basically the same, offering some sort of mile bonus when you sign up, supposed no-blackout dates (which we all know is a lie), etc, etc. I knew I at least needed some card that offered miles because if I’m buying a […]

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My love/hate relationship with my iPhone

Nov 04, 2010 1 Comment

Alright I love this phone. I really really do. Except for the phone part. Don’t get me wrong, the apps are amazing! Maps have changed my life. But talking on it? Suckface! And now to make matters doubly worse, since I’ve upgraded to their recent 4.1 software and I can’t unlock my phone. I was […]

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OMG, I bought the ticket

Nov 03, 2010 1 Comment

So now it’s real! I’ve bought the plane ticket to take me to New Zealand. Leaves November 23rd, arrives of course 2 days later NZ. I decided not to go for a round-the-world ticket as I wanted to be as flexible in my destinations. But I will repeat what I read over and over, not […]

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