BBQ or Bust

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So since my fancy new job (yay job!) wasn’t going to start for a few weeks, mom suggested I take the swede to visit MO. And since I love BBQ and any excuse to eat it is fabulous, I said sure! The down-side? We had to DRIVE THROUGH KANSAS. If you have never done this particular drive, you should be thankful. Cause it’s 9 whole hours of boredom. 9 hours of nothing but corn fields and cows. And it you go in the winter there’s not even corn fields! Gah!

To break things up some, we stopped in a tiny Kansas town called Lindsborg. It’s got oodles of swedish stuff and tons of little dala horses everywhere. Sadly since it was a Sunday afternoon, most of the town was closed. But we did manage to find a few stores open. Bought some awesome tree ornaments and postcards full of Kansas/Sweden propaganda.

It seems every since I made the argument that we Americans don’t really put the flag on stuff, I find it everywhere! A Sweden/American dala horse.

Once we got to good ol’Missouri, we ate food. Alot of food. So much horribly fattening midwest food I may need to starve myself for a week to make up for it.

A list:

Backyard Burger
Bates City BBQ
Texas Roadhouse
Cheesecake Factory
Lambert’s Cafe
I probably forgot some, but my poor stomach has not. Goo!

Then to really get in as much Americana, we went down to Silver Dollar City! It’s this awesome theme park with a lot of old-time craftsman.

Posed with some gingerbread man! Pontus is working at getting his head IN the space.

And once again, a whole store devoted to American crapola. T-shirts, hats, mugs, etc. It’s ridiculous.

And when they turned on the lights for the big tree at the front of the park? American flag. Yep, the world is out to get me.

Though it did change to other colors!

Then we got funnel cake! I haven’t had a funnel cake in forever and they’re just as messy as I remember. I ended up half-covered in powdered sugar but it was fantastic!

To finish off our trip down south we went to Lamberts. Home of the throwed rolls! That’s right, this place’s claim to fame is that they THROW FOOD AT YOU! And people actually pay for this privilege.

And just in case you were wondering if you would get enough soda here, have no fear! They come in buckets. With free refills too!

Here’s the roll guy. He really enjoys his job. He even throws rolls at people who aren’t looking, hits them in the back of the head, and they just LAUGH and ask for another one. The only place in America this could happen.

An America cup next to a Swedish one…. sad soda¬† panda….

On the way back north, we stopped at Osceola Cheese Factory where they let you taste their 200 types of cheese. Pontus grabbed some jalapeno chedder. Tasty!

We posed with the big mouse out front, though I can’t tell you why I’m looking down there….

One final treasure? The Planet Urine Company! Here to stop your pet odors. :)


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