Flush with our pumpkins from the farm, we set out to carve! I haven’t carved out a pumpkin in years! First step, gutting them. This part is always my least favorite. It takes forever and you never seem to get it all. Just keep scraping away at the inside until you give up and more onto the more fun part.

Blerg, pumpkin guts.

After a tasty dinner of wings (take that Pierre!), we took out the water markers and started drawing our faces. We all opted for scary faces, though Emily and I will never carve again with Jay. He’s crazy good and you kinda want to break his pumpkin. Never again!

Carving pumpkins is a difficult business. You want to carve out enough to let the candlelight through, but not so much as to compromise the integrity of the pumpkin. Or they collapse on you. Mine might have gotten a little out of hand, as he started to fold in on himself. But according to Emily, it made him scarier. Like he was hunched over getting ready to attack.

A delicate opperation.
Pumpkin party.

Sad part was, we forgot to get candles to light them! Scrounging around their place, we managed to come up with one pillar candle and two bday candles, #3 and 2.

Jaybob's pumpkin man.
Emily's. Look at the crazy teeth!
And mine, with lucky #3!



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