Children of the Corn

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Surprisingly, for a girl from the midwest, I’ve never actually worked a farm. I gone to petting zoos and I’ve been on a farm. But I’ve never actaully picked anything. Until this last weekend. Emily had managed to find a pumpkin patch out east that not only allowed you to pick your own pumpkins, you also got to pick other foods. You hopped on the back of a tractor, just like all those old-fashioned hay-rides. Then you just hopped off all around the farm to grab what you liked.

A down-home tractor pull.

There were onions.

And cabbages.

Jay and I set off to pick some green beams, while Emily tackled the carrots. Now we all thought that you could just pull them up by the stems like, you know, Bugs Bunny does. Bugs lied to us! You’ve gotta dig them up by your bare hands. Or more aptly, my Emily’s bare hands. Oops. Sorry Em!

Emily and her carrots.

Then there was the corn.

Corn fields are creepy. Not just from the movie Children of the Corn. But you do totally get lost in there. You can’t see the way out, or the way you came. You lose all sense of direction. But we did find tasty ears of corn.

PUMPKINS! Just in time for Halloween.

Thank god they dug up the potatos for us.

They also had a crazy corn maze there too. I haven’t been in a corn maze since I left MO. It was super fun, except for the fact that Jaybob is a creeper. And kept running around screaming, “Children of the Corn!” And chasing us around. Butthead.

He even found a severed leg in the maze. Creeper.

Scary corn man.

End of the day, we used these little wagons to tote our stuff back to the car.

Emily and I took turns riding in it. Cause, yes, I am 5,

Me and all my loot!


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  1. Emily says:

    Dude. Best day ever. Or at least close. I gotta say riding in the wagon was awesome. The carrots…would have been better had they popped out of the ground like bugs bunnys.

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