Beer Fest Baby!

Talk about your crash course in American culture. My first week back in CO was for The Great American Beer Fest, or GABF as it’s known to connoisseurs. It was my fourth year attending, my third as a volunteer. Being a volunteer is bombdiggity. People pay 70 bucks to get in the door, while a volunteer gets in for free. Plus you will never feel like a bigger rockstar than being a girl, pouring beer at the biggest beer festival in America. It’s Mick Jagger stylz.

The Big Blue Bear wants some beer!
Emily refilling the pitchers.
The costumes people come in are always the best, squids!
Some PBR action.
Best bachelorette party EVER.
Or some vikings perhaps?


Mom Miller was there, and I photo bombed.
My absolutely rockin frog hat!

And lastly, the other half of my brain. MEEP!

Partners in crime!

GABF is the best beer party in the world, hand’s down. And a perfect example to show all the naysayers out there, that we do know how to brew a damn fine beer.

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