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This is the third time I’ve been to Sweden on this trip, I’m becoming a pro at the Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. Anyways, since I’ve been here a few times before the posts I have on Sweden are lacking. Not doing much in the sightseeing way of things. So I’ve decided to start a new section on the blog called “Silly Swedes.” It’s a way of describing all the things that make Sweden what it is. People on both sides of the pond ask what the differences are between our two cultures. This is my way of showing that!

First up: Beds

Ok so in America we have standard sizes of Twin, Full, Queen and King. Of course being the lovely Americans that we are we don’t know what the size of those are at all. You just know how big it is in your head. Well here in Sweden they do things by measurements. They have 90 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm, and 180 cm. It makes planning you room that much easier. But the really interesting part is that to make a 180 bed, you use two 90cm mattresses. Imagine how nice that would to be to move! Instead of having the massive king size bed to haul up the stairs, you have two small twin beds. Fabulous.

Since you choose two smaller mattresses to make up the large bed size, it also allows you to pick different levels of firmness. No need to buy a sleep number bed if your partner likes squishy sleeping.

Also they don’t normally have a box springs and top mattress. They use basically a extra large mattress and then a topper layer. Once again, less stuff to haul up the stairs.

Traditional IKEA bedframe: sunken mattress with sleep topper for added softness.

As I have to start moving my stuff out of storage soon, I can say their way is a tempting thought!


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  1. Mom says:

    those swedes are clever folk!! we could learn a thing or two from them!!

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