High Coast Lunacy

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I spent the last 2 weeks up in northern Sweden, an area called High Coast. It’s a gorgeous place and a strange one as well. It’s on the UNESCO world heritage list because the land here is actually rising. Somehow since they had some ginormous glaciers pushing down on the land for so long, evidently it’s still rising up from that. It grows about a centimeter a year, one of the few places by the water you don’t need to worry about flooding. There was this inlet that while Pontus was a child that has now become a lake, the land around it rising enough to cut it off from the ocean. How crazy is that?!

Anyways I did a bunch of stuff as well as being a lazy bum at the summer house. Some of the stuff that I did while up in BFE:

Went boating: One of the benefits of living on the ocean is a boat. We took it out for a lazy day and snacks on the rocks. It’s a great area that has so many islands up there, so you can always find an island all to yourself.

Perfect lazy day by the sea.

Went hiking: There’s this big fat mountain in the area and you can either hike up it, or climb up using three differing paths. With Per, a friend of Pontus, we all headed up to hike the southside of the mountain. Luckily we picked the correct side to go up, cause the way we went down was straight vertical. I would have hated to be climbing up that side. It gave some amazing views of the area from the top and we had a blast. I loved bringing up the rear on our hike, since the boys kept fighting for leader position. It must have switched between them over 20 times. Alpha mentality? I have no idea.

Phototaking at the top.

Or photobombing.

Look I'm tall! And sweaty!

Went to visit friends and steal their stuff: Well they’re not my friends. They’re friends of the family, but they were moving to a smaller house and getting rid of a bunch of stuff. Well like tons of stuff. So we went over to see what they wanted to take to decorate the new summer house among other things.  As I didn’t want to play in the creepy barn filled with icky spiderwebs, I played with the kitty.

Hello kitty!

Had BBQs on the shore: There’s this swedish bread thing they BBQ here. You make this super sticky dough and then take it out to the BBQ with you. You then have to strip some sticks to wrap the dough around. You then cook the dough over the fire and then when you pull it off the stick, you shove a hotdog in. It’s much more complicated than it seems and I never managed to get the hotdog to fit in my bread. You have to have a good stick to hotdog ratio, Lena was the only one to find the right size stick.

Lina and her perfect stick.

This is where their BBQ pit is, on an old cannon mount.

Mikeal, Jonathan, Kerstin and Pontus around the fire. Lina and I were playing photographers!

And then, there was the Hippy Fest. Better known as Urkult: 3 days of hippy hippy love. In a caravan. With 5 other people. In the rain. With the hippies. Did I mention the hippies? Just making sure. The weekend started off with a shitshow of nothing going right. We forgot stuff, we stopped a million times on the way, it was raining. Most of all, we didn’t have a spot reserved for the caravan. Evidently they do this every year and it’s fine, but this year? The dude in charge was being a buttface and didn’t let us. So we frantically had to find another campsite out of town for the night. But we did and then managed to move back to the correct campsite the next morning so it all worked out. Yay!

They like fire at this festival.

Really like fire.


And they have crazy drawings in the bathrooms.

And an insane amount of dreadlocks, which are so not sexy people.

Since it was basically raining the entire weekend, some friends that were camping decided to raise a tarp to give some break from it. It took 3 boy engineers and finally one girl architect to find the correct way to hang this tarp. But it does allow the tiny train to run underneath it, so I guess that’s ok.

It takes a lot of Swedes to hang a tarp.

Per went for a swim by the water plant one day, when I suppose it was warm enough for it.

All in all, it just seemed like an excuse to go camping with a bunch of people you know since we spent most of the festival hanging out. And not actually at the festival listening to music. But the nice thing about Swedish music is a lot of it is in English, since they like it so much, so I actually understood most of the bands. And that’s always fun.

It was a great time to relax up north before heading back down to the familiar territory of Stockholm and then Gothenburg.



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  1. Lindsey says:

    I want that bbq bread reciepe. That sounds like a fun thing to try out.

  2. Christine Wilson says:

    Heather, I am addicted to your blog! What a grand adventure you’re having. Take care and have lots more fun!

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