Bored? Build a House

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The house situation is enough to make your head explode. Here’s how it goes. There’s dad’s house, mom’s house, the summer house and the NEW summer house. Saying you’re heading back to the house can get slightly confusing. But let’s focus on the NEW summer house, though it does need a better name.

Last year, the Strindlund family decided they wanted a sauna. It’s a very VERY Swedish thing, the have a sauna. They’re everywhere. So anyway they started out to build a sauna and you need a room to house the sauna. It was supposed to be something small but over time it grew, until it was whole freakin house. That they built with their bare hands! I wouldn’t even know where to start with that.

The living room is super big and nice, with gorgeous windows that overlook the sea. And they have a woodburning fireplace! Sweet!

Best thing was the old wood they had installed. I loved how the old beaten wood looked against the new pretty shiny stuff. Great juxtaposition.

The bedroom had the awesome wood, plus this amazing wallpaper from Jonathan and Lena’s apartment. I wanted to steal it.

And it comes with your very own sauna.

And while it doesn’t have running water yet, it does have an outdoor shower by the ocean.

Plus a fantastic ruby red door! I wanted to just take the whole damn house and move it to Denver. Do you think you can import a house?



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  1. Emily says:

    Yes. I think we should try. It would be awesome!

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