Underground Haunted Hell

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On the train into Hungary, we ran into this couple that suggested hitting up the Labyrinth at night. This way they had turned out the lights and you got to wander around my lantern light. Silly me thought this was an outdoor labyrinth, not a crazy underground tunnel from hell. I seriously had no idea until I looked it up the day before we went. Oh god. I’ve signed up for this.

I stupidly thought it couldn’t be that bad. I mean kids went through it and stuff. So so very wrong. For starters it’s hella dark down there. your puny little lantern does absolutely no good. I think it actaully hurts your cause since all it does it shine light in your face so you can’t see. Not at the ground where you’re trying to walk. Also they have creepy sounds pumped in, like hammers hitting stone or chanting. So that gives it a whole new level of creepiness. Add to that my overactive imagination and I started having to talk to myself. Mostly I was calling for the Winchester brothers which was highly entertaining to Pontus since he didn’t know who they were nor was he afraid of the dark. Bastard.

He actually went up to the terrifying locked door.

I told him that if he got to close demons would pull him through the bars but he didn’t believe me. Dean would have believed me and then shot them with rock salt. Oh Dean.

I’ve never been so happy to find other tourists than I was down there. Yes! Other people! With more light to scare away the monsters! (yes I am aware I have issues.) He kept getting mad since he liked it when it was creepifying and pitch black.

Me, trying to pretend not to be completely freaked out.

Tell me that's not freaky!

Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty sweet. But seriously. We needed halogen flashlights in that place.


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2 Responses to “Underground Haunted Hell”

  1. Emily says:

    Dude. Dean would have totally blown them away with rock salt. And possible made you wear a hex bag to protect you. Just sayin’. You should know by now that the Winchester bros are needed. All. The. Time.

    • Heather says:

      Yes hex bags! I def needed one. Oh Winchesters. How I love you and your shotguns. And Eye of the Tiger.

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