The Saga of M&M Ends

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After traveling through 4 countries, drinking countless beers and having a truly fantastic time, our little American trip parted ways. Matt and Merrit were off to save the world, or at least build a house for Habitat for Humanity while I was going to continue to be a lazy bum traveler. Go me! To commemorate our insane trip, here’s some of the best photos.

Matt, the constant photographer, in his cute yamica.

Merrit and I, on the day I discovered my coat could be worn like a gangsta.

Always hungry for more.

Giving each other a hard time on top of a mountain.

Showing off the "Czech" pour.

Loving the ice cream and waffle combo after a hike.

King of the mountain.

Hope the rest of your trip is amazing!

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  1. M&M says:

    How did we miss this? HOW DID YOU LET US MISS THIS?


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