The Devil’s Arithmetic

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Auschwitz-Birkenau, the most famous of the german concentration camps. It is eeriest place I have ever been.We’ll take this is two sections.


While Auschwitz is the more well known section, Birkenau was actually the place most of the people were murdered. The system of gas chambers and ovens were nauseating. The sheer size of the place was haunting imaging all the people who has lived and died there.

The electrified barbed-wire fences.

Gaurd towers

Wreath laid at the end of the train tracks. These stopped right in front of the gas chambers.

Remains of the gas chambers and crematorium, which the Nazis destroyed before fleeing.


Here the horror was almost worse because of the setting. Before this was a concentration camp, it was a garrison. They simply re-purposed the buildings for their needs. So you had this seemingly normal place with big brick buildings and house numbers, where they executed thousands.

The front gate.

The cell blocks.

And finally, graffiti in the old jewish quarter in Krakow:


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