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I’ve pretty much seen every scam in the book on this trip, I’ve been gone long enough. But this one? This one took the cake.

I’m walking down from my hostel this morning when suddenly there’s this 10 year old boy walking along with me. He keeps talking to me in Turkish, which of course, I don’t understand. Finally he stops me, and puts down the scale he’s been carrying in front of me. He keeps jabbering away at me and finally I realize that he wants to me step on it. So I do. Just what every girl wants, a traveling scale. So I step up the sale and then he gestures for me to put down my bag. Leery of him running away with it, I place it out of range. He smiles and points out my weight on it. I smile back at him and then grab my bag to keep walking.

That’s when he starts yelling for money! He didn’t know any other words in English than money, so he just started yelling it louder! When I keep walking past him he starts grabbing my arm and pulling me to a stop. I’m having a yelling match with a 10 year old in the middle of the street over a scale! Thankfully just about the time I was going to punch him, a mother of some kind came into the street and started yelling at him to go away. Thank you kind Turkish mother, you just saved the life of this little scammer.



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    another kind mamma to thank!!

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