Olomouc, Home of Artists on Crack

Prague, while beautiful, is also freakin filled with tourists. I mean it is slightly ridiculous. Wanting to get a more authentic view of the Czech Republic, I headed out to a town on the eastern edge called Olomouc. It’s home to one of the best universities in Czech and therefore should be filled with students. I happened to land here not only on summer break, but also on one of the biggest public holidays of the year. So the town had been deserted. Finally some peace and quiet!

My hostel here, Poet’s Corner, has been the best so far in Europe. The owners and staff are incredibly helpful. The place is super cozy and feels just like home. They have an AMAZING book exchange, I’m having trouble just picking one for my next leg of travels. And all in all, it’s just perfect.

The awesome living room, filled with comfy chairs and books.

The niceness of the hostel makes up for the BIZARRE statues and such around town. It’s weird man, but weird.

There’s this statue of a guy hanging off the pole at the Town Hall.

Just hanging out.

Then there’s the newly completed Arion Fountain, and by newly I mean the beginning of the century.

The barnacles on the turtle's backs are actually little people faces.
Dead fish are holding up the columns. With more creepy people faces.
I don't even know what to say here.
Creepy kids holding spitting fish while using turtles as shoes.

Seriously it’s one trippy fountain, but they people here are so proud of it!

And one final piece from inside the local cathedral.

Some strange goat-man with no arms, used as a doorknob.

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