I Heart the Highlands

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Picture this: You step off the bus from hell. Filled with puking children and mothers alike, to find yourself in this tiny mountain town. But the town is packed with people and more surprising is the number of horse drawn carriages. Seriously at almost every corner we ran into a new horse carriage. It finally reached a head when we saw an entire processional go by filled with what looked like a wedding party. Basing this assumption on the first carriage looked like it had a bride and the others were filled with really dressy people. I know, you’re shocked at my deduction abilities.

There must have been at least 50 carriages.

After we stopped by the local info booth we figured out that we had stumbled into a highland folk festival. Fabulous! I adore highland festivals. They come with the best food and funny costumes.

Like these kick ass mountain men.

Or this cute matching pair.

Nothing I know better than the sight of dancers getting ready for a parade.

It was awesome since we had accidentally discovered the gathering place for all the parade marchers. So we got the chance to see the behind the scenes action as they all finished getting into their costumes and dresses.

Then parade time!


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    Those mountain men are pretty darn rad.

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