Giants Need Not Apply

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I’ve finally realized how the poor people of Turkey have survived so long in this heat. They all lived in caves or even better, in underground cities. One of the largest and most preserved is the underground city at Derinkuyu. This complex is massive, a full 8 floors with tunnels, stairs, halls, kitchens, wineries, and even graves.

There was a sign posted at the front that this sight was not for persons with heart problems, high blood pressure or asthma (oops). Really it should have said, not for anyone over 3 feet tall. (And no I’m not converting that over into metric, deal.) I’m serious, I spent most of the time bent over in a crouch. Sometimes I just resorted to crawling up the stairs on my hands and knees. I’m determined to have everything I own covered in dust and grime by the time I leave Cappadocia. Anytime you managed to find a place to stand tall, it would be packed with tourists resting their poor backs.

Teeny tiny tunnels everywhere.

The one fact that they didn’t warn you was the need of a flashlight. A large one preferably. I was traveling through this tunnel when suddenly, no more lights. It was freaky enough without the big “GRAVES” sign at the beginning of this specific tunnel. Oh man, I’m gonna get eaten by a zombie. I was pulling out my iPhone trying to see my way out of the damn tunnel. Iphones don’t really seem as though they would be effective at defeating zombies. Thankfully I reached the end of the tunnel and the light was back. Not cool Turkish peeps, not cool at all.

10 minutes through a little tunnel, and I found this stone door.

Or this door, that was completely blocked.

I spent a great couple of hours climbing up and down staircases, getting lost and then found again. A perfect way to beat the Turkish heat and get some culture at the same time.

The one massive room in the whole complex.

And just to finish of the day right…

Oh squatties, how I've missed you.

Thought this one did come with it’s own TP, so I guess it’s an improvement.


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2 Responses to “Giants Need Not Apply”

  1. Drew says:

    That place is mildly creepy, but still pretty darn cool.

  2. Pontus says:

    Hi. My name is Heather. I have asthma, don’t like dark narrow winding tunnels or creepy stuff like graves and zombies. Let’s go to this place!

    Sorry love, no pitty for you this time. : )

    But I like the way you challenge your fears!

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