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As though we hadn’t had enough punishment, Matt, Merrit and I went across the border into Slovakia to hike some more. Gah. Upside was that we stayed at this awesome little hostel called the Ginger Monkey where they had a dog, a cat and a chicken.

Meet Kevin.

They also had an obsession with the A-Team.

B ut they did have amazing recommendations on food places, one of which has the XXL pizza. We ate one.

It was very large.

Since we were feeling a bit lazy, we took the gondola and then chair lift up to the second highest peak. To get to the tippy top you have to take another gondola that was sold out by the time we arrived. But it was a good thing since the top of the mountain was covered in clouds. Cool in the fact that you’d be standing in a cloud. Bad in the fact that you couldn’t see the rest of the mountain range.

The final gondola heading up into the mists.

We had some pretty fabulous views of the town down below. This side of the mountain range literately sprung up from the plains. There were no foothillls. It was just wah-bam! Mountains! After some wandering around the peaks we hiked all the way back down to the road to catch our bus home. It was a much easier hike from the days before.Plus this time you got pretty meadows and hills to go along with the rocks!

Once back at the hostel we lucked out with train tickets to Budapest. The owner had been holding onto a group of three tickets for the train left behind from some previous guests. And he gave them to us for free! Woot! We paid an exorbitant amount for our taxi ride once we arrived in Buda, but we still won out in the end. yay for good travel karma.


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  1. Drew says:

    Beautiful stuff, and yay for good karma.

  2. Lindsey says:

    Love the pictures. So pretty.

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