Cave Good. Fire Bad.

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Getting to the middle of Turkey and into Cappadocia requires a bit of patience. Or non-patience as the case would be. The only way to get overland here is the night bus that takes around 15 hours. I despise night buses. I can never sleep and spend the whole next day in bed catching up on sleep. I decided to throw caution to the wind and catch a flight. It was only a little bit more expensive, but took a fraction of the time.

Note to everyone: if you have the chance to take Turkish Air, you should grab it. Look at how much space I had in coach!

We landed it what had to be the smallest airport I’ve ever seen. There was only one runway and one plane, ours. After I grabbed my bag, I headed outside to figure out the transportation options. Turns out, Turkish Air also offers free transportation into town. See? You should fly them!

Now I either misunderstood the nice old man trying to help me, or he misunderstood my destination. He kept telling me that I should take this bus to get to Goreme, but when we got to the end, it was in a totally different town. The bus wouldn’t go all the way to Goreme. I managed to find a spanish couple to share a taxi with me, since they were in the same boat. Luckily our driver even took us directly to our hostels as I would not have wanted to climb the massive hill to get there.

My place here is fabulous! It’s one of the cave pensions, which means we’re actually living in a cave cut into the mountain. To make matters even better, they had somehow lost my booking for the night. I got to sleep in my very own room instead of the dorms, for the same damn price! After a long day of traveling it was perfect.

The best part is the view. I luckily managed to reserve one of the hostels at the top of the valley, so you get to look out over the whole town. When I got in last night the view was spectacular.

The view from our balcony.


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