Birthday Abroad

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For the past several years, my plans for my 30th birthday involved the Divine Miss Em, Vegas and murder. Don’t ask me to explain. It was a very complicated and thought-out birthday extravaganza. You’d have to be in our brains to understand it. However, I happened to be in EUROPE at the time of my birthday, so plans were slightly changed.

Hilarious hi-jinx ensued.

My awesome duo of M&M

We celebrated a day early with Merrit and I hitting up the Gellert Baths first. It was  a perfect day of sunshine, pools and girl-time gossip. Afterwards, we met back up with Matt and headed out to the bars.

First place we stopped was hosting a happy hour. With the choices of gin and tonic, vodka martini and rum and coke, I chose the rum.While enjoying my actually really tasty drink, we saw this poor soul wandering down the street.

Dude, your job sucks.

After the sun went down, we started freezing in our hot weather gear so we headed back to our respective places to grab some warmer clothes. On the way we stopped and picked up more booze. Beers for Matt. Red wine for me and Merrit. After killing both beers and the bottle, we headed out again. We tried to go to this boat bar on the river but it was dead inside. And who wants to celebrate when the only other guy there is the piano man. Yes, feel free to sing the song. Instead we found an English Pub and ordered some decidedly English drinks. Merrit and I had cider (YUM) and Matt went for the classic Guinness. Finally, when it hit midnight, Matt came up with the brilliant idea of shots. (Thanks so much for that, BTW.) Tequila yay! Always a bad decision at the end of a night.

For a final tally I had: 2 rum and cokes, 1/2 bottle red wine, 1 english cider and 1 tequila shot. I don’t think I’ve mixed alcohol quite like that since collage. Goo.

Merrit showing me how old I was. In case I forgot.

Our pile of shots. 2 tequilas and 1 whiskey.

Either my, "I'm so grown-up and adult" or "I love tequila" face.

The Swede Invades

Ok so he really didn’t invade since I knew he was coming and all. But anyways. For my actual birthday I got the awesome present of Pontus coming to meet me! Yay! Since he wasn’t arriving until 3, the awesome American trio spent some time bumming around. Well I was a bum. They were shopping for their Habitat for Humanity gig. On the way out to the shopping mall, we saw this on the street.

It’s a little hard to read but it’s a 30th birthday cake someone drew outside their friend’s apartment. How cute is that?!

Then I caught the metro back to meet Pontus and we headed out for a yummy nummy dinner. Spent some time wandering around the banks of the Danube before meeting up with Matt and Merrit again for bday drinks. We hit up this fabulous little live jazz place. While they didn’t exactly play jazz, they did play fun music. And it was a place based off Chicago and the prohibition era.

Fat Mo's! In a fake Chicago Tribune!

All in all it was a spectacular birthday with some amazing people! I had an absolute blast, even though I’m now 30. Gulp.


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  1. Drew says:

    Sounds like a pretty awesome day

  2. Emily says:

    Ok. I totally forgot you were 30. For a second my brain actually said, no, you’re 28. Ha!

  3. Mom says:

    Yepper!!! Happy birthday to Daugher # 1!!!

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