Baths in Buda

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Since I apparently am done with the sightseeing of castles and churches, all I did while in Budapest was swim. Alot. And it was amazing. Buda has been in a crazy heat wave while I’ve been here. All the locals keep apologizing mainly because nowhere has any AC and it’s been hitting 90 this week. You can imagine how hot your room can get at that temp.

First stop: Gellert Baths

These baths are situated inside a grand hotel on the edge of the Danube. It has an impressive number of hot baths, but mainly we were there for the large swimming pool outside. It was cool and glorious. I haven’t been at a pool in ages and it was just what was needed for bday weekend.

The awesome outdoor pool.

About an hour into our pooltime, there was this announcement over the loudspeakers. They started in Hungarian but soon switched into English. the only part we could understand was, 5 minutes, but had no idea what was happening in 5 minutes. Turns out the pool turns into a massive WAVE pool in 5 minutes. Seriously, it was insane. The pool wasn’t long enough for the waves to dissipate so they just crashed into the stairs. Awesome!

The indoor pool had these really amazing spigots.

Second stop: Szechenyi Spa

This spa is located in the main city park and is massive. It has a lot more pools and much higher temperatures.

The main outdoor pool area.

This one had three major pools outside with three different temperatures. 36C  (92F), 26C (78F), and 30C (80F). Inside it even has a 40C (104F)! The 36 was pretty freakin hot for a sunny day like that, so Pontus and I soon moved over to the 30. It had way more fun things. Like a central lazy river and crazy jets that came up from the bottom.

The center circle is for the lazy river.

Though it was tough to call it “lazy”. Those jets were moving at a really fast rate, flinging you around in a tight little circle.

Then there was this very interesting statue...

We wanted to get into the cold pool but they were super strict about the swim cap rule. And it was pretty freezing water. Though not as cold as the 20C (65F) pool that Pontus decided to try. Evidently it’s even warmer that the water up in Sweden. I don’t care what he says. My feet went numb for in 20 seconds. No water should be that cold.

And finally, ice cream!

Love pool time in the sun!


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  1. Pontus says:

    Well thanks for posting that photo darlin. I’m so not looking insane…

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    it is too……it is ALL heather’s fault!!

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