4th of July Czech Style

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With my two new American best buds, Matt and Merrit, we set out to celebrate the 4th of July! First stop of the night was the St. Wenceslas Brewery in town. This little microbrewery made some damn fine beer. I had their signature St. Wenceslas brew, a really good copper beer. Merrit gave the sour cherry a try while Matt had the stout. All so amazingly tasty! I went against tourist tradition of having local food in favor of a tasty steak. It was the closest to a bbq I could find that day.

After a few rounds at the restaurant we set out for the infamous Airplane Bar. The bar is housed in an old Russian airplane that’s just sitting in this large parking lot.

Merrit pretending to be an airplane outside the bar.

You have to venture towards the rear of the plane where there’s a set of steps leading up to the tail. Once at the top you have to ring the buzzer to get someone to come along and unlock the gate for you.

Once inside, it’s like you’ve stepped back in time to the 70’s. At least I’m sure nothing has been changed or possibly cleaned since then. They have the original plane seats as well as tables set up.

Matt and Merrit at our table.

The cockpit has been converted to a dance floor complete with strobe lights and a DJ.

The ceilings were lined with padding, in case the party gets too rowdy?

Each table came with a red christmas light and a covered window.

It was strange, since all of the windows were either covered like the ones above or frosted over, you couldn’t see outside. After awhile it seemed like you were underwater in a submarine rather than sitting in a grounded airplane.

The bathrooms were interesting to say the least.

Both me and Matt tried the local specialty of rum and kofula. Which is basically a coke without the fizz and way more syrup. I felt like my teeth were rotting out of my skull but it was surprisingly tasty. More than I can say for the shots of Becherovka that we had from Matt’s smuggled bottle. Oh god, it’s like cinnamon schnapps mixed with Jager. Gross to the nth power.

It may have not been the most traditional 4th celebration but it was crazy amounts of fun!


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