I Heart Rollercoasters!

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This week I FINALLY got to Liseberg, the amusement park located here in Gothenburg. And it was totally worth the wait! They have a tons of rollercoasters, one of the best wooden ones I’ve ever been on, log flumes rides, and free-falls. Plus they even had a waffle shack! I may be moving in any day now.

The newest attraction was the AtmosFear, a free-fall ride, is the tallest in Europe. It drops you 380 feet at a speed of 70 mph! Holy crap it was fast! I’ve been on a bunch of these rides and while I won’t say it was the best ever, it was freakin amazing. One of the best things about it was the way the ride was set up. Instead of having only 4 seats per side right up against the tower, this had a ring of seats set much farther out. That way you couldn’t really see the tower while looking down, totally made you feel like you were floating. Plus you started out underground, so that you had to rise out of this huge hole to see the city down below. Added to the freak-out! We rode it two times and the second time I was seated next to my friend Jesper, who was having a meltdown the entire way. Hilarious!

The start of the ride inside the bunker.

Me and Pontus practicing our scared faces!

All the rides were a super blast! Other than AtmosFear, my favorite was Balder, the wooden coaster. It had HUGE airtime. Seriously there were times when I had to grab onto the railing cause I thought I would fly out.

The big bad Balder.

Then there was this guy who wanted to ride the coaster with his helmet. I’m not really sure why but they let him!

We hit two different water rides. The first was one of the larger tube rides, where everyone sits in a circle. It was called the K√•llerado. No really! It also made for a funny time for all the swedes there as I tried to pronounce it with the proper accent. All that would come out was something “mexican” as they put it. Whatever! We have a lot of mexicans in the real Colorado! They’re just jealous.

The final ride of the night was a typical log flume ride. We got soaked. It was 11pm. It was 50 degrees outside. Not the best idea I’ve ever had but still loads of fun!

Waffles! Yum!


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    Rollercoasters AND waffles?! We will truly never get you away from there.

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