Pick a Palace or Two

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Here in Sweden, they’ve got nine. NINE PALACES! I mean, they only have a constitutional monarchy and they’ve got nine palaces. Jealous. I hit up the biggest and best, the Drottningholm Palace first.

I picked up some bad juju along the way since nothing went on schedule today. Here’s how it all unfolded:

  • 10:10 arrive at ferry. Miss ferry that left at 10. Have to wait until next ferry at 11.
  • 11:50 arrive at docks. Go buy desperately needed caffeine.
  • 12:05 buy ticket to palace. Miss English tour that left at 12. Next tour leaves at 2. Balls.
  • Wander around palace on my own.
  • Get caught taking pictures when I’m not supposed to. Balls again.
  • 2:15 arrive at theatre. Missed mandatory tour for entry at 2. Have to wait until next tour at 3.
  • 4:10 arrive at docks. Miss ferry that left at 4. Have to wait until next ferry at 5.
  • 5 arrive back in Stockholm to torrential downpour. Have no rain coat or umbrella. Wearing flipflops. Continue to slip and slide in said flipflops until I take them off to walk barefoot back to hostel. People stare like I am a homeless freak.
  • 5:30 arrive back at hostel.
  • 5:45 rain stops.

That was my day ladies and gentlemen. By the end I was just laughing my ass off which didn’t help the crazy homeless people stares. But I did have an awesome day!

The Palace is truly stunning and the grounds are epically huge. It has three main parts: the Palace itself, the Chinese Pavilion and the Theatre.

Palace: You only get to see about half of the palace since the royal family lives there full time. But the sections you do see are fantastic! Very much reminded me of Versailles.

The waterside of the Palace

Royal bedchambers

Gardens out back

Chinese Pavilion: After a tour through the gardens you come across the Chinese Pavilion. It’s pretty cute tucked back into the woods. It totally reminded me of a circus tent!

Plus it had a room that was all green! Fav!

The Grounds: That place went on forever. I mean really forever. I kept having to pull out the map to make sure I hadn’t wandered into someones farm or something. They had some great little lakes and streams around, plus an nice little fort on top of a hill. And they had little baby geese! Their mothers tried to peck my to death while trying to take their photos, but still. Super cute.


The Theatre: Ok this place was really spiffy. I didn’t actually get to take any photos of the inside since we had a guide the whole time. Sad. The whole place was kept exactly as it was built in the 1700’s. The stage and sets are all hand-painted and controlled by human power. The entire backstage and understage are all controlled by levers, pulleys and ropes. While viewing the main stage, our tour guide asked if anyone wanted to help simulate a thunderstorm. I volunteered (which I never do) cause I wanted to get a look at the backstage area. Me and this french guy headed back. I was in charge of the wind machine which consisted of a large wheel with spokes wrapped in carpeting. When you turned the crank, the spokes rushed by the carpet and the friction made a really awesome wind noise! The frenchie was in charge of the thunder which was a really big box up in the rafters filled with rocks. When you pulled one rope the box tilted and the rocks fell to one side. When you pulled the other rope, the box tilted back and the rocks fell again. It really did sound like a thunderstorm! I was super impressed with the old technique.

Front of the Theatre

The Ferry: While it’s possible to reach the palace by metro and then bus, I had been told the ferry was the way to go. It takes around an hour to get there and you arrive in style, the way the royals would. Perfect to dock right outside the palace.

Best Part of the Day: It happened as I was leaving the palace. I came upon this scene:

This poor guy was trying to make a delivery to the palace and was getting the third degree from the guards. Evidently he was not on the day’s list.

His boss gets out of the truck to help...

More deliberation...

And he's IN!

A little changing of the guard, and we're good to go people!


Så börjar sommarens helger bokas upp och resekassans saldo sjunka. Gotland v.24. Gotland v.25. Mini-triathlon v.26. Budapest v.28. Norrland v.30-31. Härliga tider! Fyttirackarns!

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