Midsummers: Part IV

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Ok home strech people! Last day of Midsummer’s we headed down south to Pierre’s dad’s cabin. And I do mean cabin. That bad boy was a teeny tiny little thing. I have to admit I was afraid when the 8 of us pulled up, where the hell we were all going to sleep! But first things first.

They had cages! Like Thunderdome! Ok, not really. Evidently they’re used for baling hay. I’m unsure how this process works as back in the Midwest we use a hay baler not a cage. But I digress. Jesper and I played in one! He, of course being a boy, turned into a monkey in 3.5 seconds flat. Then proceeded to chase me around the cage until throwing me over his shoulder. I’m so glad Pontus was standing nearby to get photographic proof of this event.

They're onto us! Run away!

Sadly I have no photos of the actual cabin itself. I blame sleep deprivation. After 4 days with these crazy swedes I had given up on sleep. But it was super cozy and close to the ocean. We all walked down to the water at sunset and then promptly turned around. I pointed out that had we been home, you would have spent 30 minutes waiting while the sun actually WENT down. Here they just go to look, and say, “ooooo pretty!” Then they turn around and go back home. Strangeness.

The group, all bundled up, heading back from the "sunset."

That night around another bbq, we spent the evening drinking schnapps and singing songs. I still don’t like schnapps and I still had no idea what we were singing, but it was a fun time! This time I even got to contribute as one song was set to the tune, “Over the Mountain” and I was the only one who knew the tune! So I got to sing it to the group and then we were good to go! Yay to being useful!

We had some more tasty swedish cake, this time with berries and lemon curd filling. Dude so tasty. Then it was off to bed! To accommodate all of us, they had two tents set up in the yard. One down by the outhouse (yes I said they had an outhouse). I’m still unsure why setting up a tent by the shitter was a good idea, but I’ve learned not to question. Thankfully I got a bed inside and not in a tent! Yippie! Emily will attest to the fact that I DEFINITELY need my gear to be sleeping in a tent. Eek!

The next day it was a whirlwind tour through the main town, Visby, as I was heading out on the ferry/freighter again.  It’s really a cute little town with tons of churches. Most of them have burned down but one is still there. It’s also got a big wall around it. Sadly I do NOT think it’s a high as the Great Wall despite assurances otherwise. But it was still cool! And a great way to end a fabulous weekend!

Burned out church

Part of the Great Visby Wall


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