Midsummers: Part II

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Ok so first day of the weekend, Friday! We had stayed the night at Pierre’s mom’s place and when we finally managed to drag ourselves out of bed, at about noon, we had breakfast! Breakfast in Sweden is a huge affair. I know we get a bad rap in America for having a large breakfast, but let’s be honest. We only have pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, etc on the weekends. Probably Sunday brunch. Swedes do it every damn day. They have toast, butter, cheese, cucumbers, ham, yogurt, cereal, granola (yes I know you call it muesli here), fruit, juice, etc. It’s huge. And I get really funny looks when all I want on my toast is butter. I’ve managed to upgrade to butter and cheese, though it still feels like lunch to me.

After we’d stuffed ourselves, we all piled into two cars with all of our crap. 6 people can come up with a ton of stuff for a weekend. It was impressive. On the way over to Klara’s, we stopped off at the beach.

Jesper and Pontus decide it's nice enough to play in.

Maya and Emili didn't seem to agree.

Since we had ice cream in the car we couldn’t stay for long and then it was off to Klara’s parent’s house! (I’ve very very frightened to be using possessive’s this much. I’m so bad at them!)

While the summer solstice is actually earlier in the week, in Sweden it’s celebrated on the closest Friday. Mainly so you can drink. Yay! The party at Klara’s was a huge success. I think we should model Thanksgiving after them. Instead of eating one MASSIVE meal, they have several meals throughout the day. So instead of feeling like you’re going to explode, you’re just happily full. And it was super tasty food.

We started off with a fika, a swedish term for having cake, tea with some friends. We had rhubarb pie with vanilla custard. Dude. So good.


Then it was time for the trivia games! The family posts up little signs all over the yard with trivia about Gotland and Sweden, and then you get to see who wins. They even threw in one question for the American in the audience! It was who is on the American $100 bill? I almost had a panic attack thinking I would get it wrong. I didn’t of course, but how embarrassing would that be?!?!

The grilling! Nothing says a summer party like a little BBQ. Of course it wasn’t REAL BBQ, sigh, but it was super tasty.

Jesper, the great grillmaster!

Johan showing off his spiffy British side...

I even received a FABULOUS flower crown made by Maya and Emili. It was gorgeous and massively impressive. I, of course, watched them putting it together but had no idea it was for me. Thanks again!

I believe this is all of standing around listening to Shania Twain. Klara was thrilled to find out that I was a fan as well. I was shocked that I still remembered all the words this many years later. American country music at a Swedish Midsummer party. Worlds colliding!

That evening we sang a lot of swedish drinking games while pounding schnapps. Holy god I do not like schnapps. And everyone likes to laugh at my face while trying to shoot it. Evidently it’s highly entertaining. Then to end the evening we played a charade type game. I don’t know if it has a name, or if they told me and my poor drunk brain can’t remember it.

This is how it works. Everyone puts two different pieces of paper into a hat with a noun on it. Then you split the group into two teams. From that point on you play the game in 4 rounds using the same pile of words. The first round you can use words to describe your word, just not the word itself. The second round you have to use charades, no words. The third round you can only use ONE word, so it better be good. The final round you can only use your head for charades. No arms, body, nada. By that point you’re hoping your group can remember the words enough to just keep shouting out possibilities until they land on it. Hilarious!



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