Midsummers: Part I

Jun 27, 2011 1 Comment by

Ok this weekend was insane. Like crazy out of control, I have no idea where I am or where I’m going, or what I’m drinking, INSANE. As such we will have to split this thing up into parts so it doesn’t become a scroll fest.

First up, moving from my hostel over to Pierre’s dad’s house! Both him and Pontus were heading into Stockholm a few days early to catch the Foo Fighter’s concert. I won’t admit that for a minute I couldn’t remember who the Foo Fighters were and had to look them up on my iphone. Luckily I had some songs! And they were good! Woot!

While the boys were at the concert I decided to hit up the movie theatre. I saw Something Borrowed. It sucked! By the end I had no idea who I wanted her to be with and I was just annoyed at the whole thing. Bitches!

Next day was spent running around buying stuff for the weekend, mainly booze as all the gov run stores would be closed! Arg! But happily stocked up on liquor, we picked up the rest of the crew and headed out to the ferry to Gotland.

As both Jesper and I discussed, ferry is not the appropriate term for that boat. It was a ship, a freighter even! Huge!

Since we were grabbing the 11:30 pm ferry over to the island, we wouldn’t arrive until 3am. Ughface to that. Thankfully, both Jesper and I had grabbed seats in the front of the boat next to each other. And since neither of us can sleep in seats, I had someone to keep me company! Plus we had also somehow managed to get the good seats where they show a movie, this one was The King’s Speech. It was good!

Arriving in Gotland at 3am with no sleep is not a good place to be. We were staying at Pierre’s mom’s house but we needed to grab a cab. Along with the other 1000 people that arrived on the same boat. Thankfully we had a man with connections, Pierre! Since he’s from Gotland, he happened to know one of the girls working at the dock. And she loaned us her car to get home. Thank god! Cause it was COLD outside!


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