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Since I spent the last post seemingly talking about all the ways I like Asia more than Europe, let’s do the opposite here. Countries in Europe are so frackin close to each other! It’s insane. For example I needed to be out of the apartment I’ve been crashing at for the week. What to do with my spare time? Hey let’s head down to Amsterdam! And when that week’s up, let’s jump back to Stockholm before the big Midsummer’s Fest kicks off! It’s the biggest thing we Americans are jealous of, the ease of getting over to another country.

So I’m back in Sweden, getting a look at Stockholm since I blew through here last time on the way to Gothenburg. All the books brag that it’s the prettiest capitol in Scandinavia and I think they might be right. I’m staying at a little hostel right near the Central Train Station, close to all the action. When I arrived yesterday, I dropped my stuff and set off to explore. First stop? Old Town!

Gamla Stan is the correct name for the old center of town, and it’s fairly impressive. It houses the Royal Palace, Stockholm Cathedral, Nobel Museum, and the House of Nobility. While I was too late to actually enter any of the buildings, I did get a nice wandering atmosphere. Most of the tourists had gone for the day since the places were closed and the streets were almost empty.

Now I’ve bitched to almost everyone who would listen about the sunsets here in Sweden. Mainly the fact that they have none. There’s still light in the sky come midnight and the sun rises somewhere around 3am. You’re so far north that while the sun may be under the horizon, it moves so slowly that the sky remains light much longer. It takes HOURS for the sun to set and rise here, instead of minutes. The great thing about that is, while it may take forever to get that great sunset lighting once you have it, it’s yours. You can wander around happily shooting photos knowing that perfect light isn’t going anywhere soon. The town last night had some amazing shadows thanks to the sun here, so I suppose I should stop complaining. Someday maybe. :)

My night:

Entrance to Gamla Stan.

Royal Palace

A dog and a bike. Typically Swedish.

Love, LOVE the shadows here!

That crazy shadow was at 10pm! And the suns still there!


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  1. Drew says:

    I hadn’t even thought of the effect of having “golden hour” photography all day….that’s tanfastic.

  2. Natalie says:

    Carl was just in Warsaw and had a hard time adjusting to the sun all the time! Not quite as bad as this but he woke up in a panic thinking he had overslept. Little did he know the sun rose at 4am.

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