Whatup Warriors?

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So I don’t know if you’ve heard but there were these warriors? Made out of terracotta? They were discovered awhile ago and are kind of a big deal. I went to see them. See mom?! I can do historical stuff!

Figuring I was an old pro at the chinese public bus system, I set off in the morning to find these warriors. Along for the ride was my new swedish friend Christian. Seriously, my ability to find swedes should be in the guinesss book of world records. Whatever, on with the good stuff.

Arriving at the site of the warriors you are immediately bombarded with tour guides and souvenir stalls. Slightly ridiculous but slightly good since I was hungry and wanted a snickers bar. Don’t judge. We bought our tickets and then hopped in line to enter. Although we had found the line to use the TRAM SERVICE to the site not the actual site itself. The tram would cost you another 15 yuan, we decided to just hoof it up there. The chinese are LAZY man! It was only a 10 minute walk, totally not worth the 5 yuan and the wait for the tram.

On the advice of a British couple we had met the day before, we hit up the museum first. That way we would know what we were looking at, since we had decided against paying for either an audio or live guide. The museum was pretty good and more importantly had plenty of english. Armed with our new knowledge we headed for Pit 2 first.

Pit 2 was one of the smaller sections found but still massively impressive. It was mostly empty of warriors but the immense size was staggering. And this was one of the small ones! (A side note, no the warriors in this section were not green. There was just an overhead light giving off a green tint that my camera was loving that day.)

Next up was Pit 3 the smallest of the sites. Here there were plenty of warriors to see and even some horses! Though most of the guys had lost their heads which made me think of a Chinese version of the Sleepy Hollow tale. Wonder what Ichabod would have had to say about that!

Pit 1 was our last stop and it was freakin amazing! It was still being excavated so you got to see the workers in action hauling up sections of terracotta. Plus at the rear of the site you could see where they were trying to put them back together. They even had little toe tags so they could tell what section they came from. Some of my fav shots of the day:


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