The Summer Palace

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The emperor’s summer palace was built for him and his many many wives to have a nice cool place to go to during the brutal china summer. All I can say is the weather must have been very different during their reign. It’s only like 20 km from the forbidden city. Can’t imagine the weather changed that much in that short of distance. It wasn’t any nicer the day I went. Well the whole sky was overcast with pollution. I suppose that wasn’t an issue during that time. :)

Still it was a pretty impressive place. The hills behind the lake were filled with different temples. And in true chinese tourist fashion, the farther you climbed the less chinese you saw. They really don’t like to walk. Although the girls were managing to hike over boulders in high heels. Kinda made me feel like a poser in my flip-flops. Yes I know I should have had proper footwear ( don’t yell mother). I had no idea that mountain climbing was in the agenda! I really should read the guidebooks more closely. Also I should remember to check if I have my memory card in my camera. Which I didn’t. Bitches! I had to buy a new one for an atrocious price outside the palace. Lesson learned, always check.

Once I was equipped with my new memory card I was off to explore. And have my photo taken. I’ve honestly started thinking about what I wear when I leave the hostel and how it will turn out in all my chinese photos. Need to be as foreign as possible. :)

I met a nice older Taiwan gentleman that wanted to be my personal tour guide for the day. He was extremely concerned that I was by myself and that at any moment I would be tossed into the lake. Or something like that. The english/taiwanese language barrier was quite special. All in all I had a great time wandering around the temples and along the lakeside. I even took a boat ride around the massive lake and had a spot of honor next to the captain. Sometimes it pays to be a girl. :)


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