End of an Era

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Last night was the end of our fantastico trio: Me, James and Laura. We all managed to meet up again in Beijing before heading out of the country. Laura was the first to leave, back to Italy. For out last day we spent it our favorite way: bargain hunting in Beijing’s massive markets! Shopping at home will seem so tame after this. You gotta want it bad to brave the crowds and sales people here. I don’t know how many times I heard, “You’re breaking my heart!” Poor salesladies, I’m still not paying that price.

James then went off to do some Forbidden City while Laura and I watched some Desperate Housewives. She’s taken to watching the show to brush up on her american slang and it helps to have a native speaker to clear up the communication problems. The new phrases of the day? It bugged me. Hitting on him. What’s the deal with that? You’re cheating on him! Such a sex filled show. :)

That night we had a dumpling making party at the hostel. Here’s our dumpling pre-steaming:

The one’s in the center are Laura’s addition. She decided we needed some italian versions.

Here’s our dumpling post-steam. They became slightly deformed:

It was a perfect end to our trio!


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