Rocks Anyone?

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My first morning in China I met a Norwegian guy who invited me to come along with them for the day. They were heading out to the Stone Forest National Park.  Having never heard of this thing before, I thought why the hell not!

The best part was that our little group included an Italian girl that has been studying chinese back home. While she’s not fluent, she’s in much better shape than the rest of us. After Thailand, China has been a huge adjustment on the language barrier. While most other countries are keen on helping foreiners, the Chinese really don’t like you. At all. It’s a little off-putting but you start to win them over. At least that’s my goal!

Anyways, we found the local bus that would take us to the Eastern Bus Station fairly easy. The only problem, we didn’t realize that we had to ride the bus for an hour! Our new translator, Laura, finally asked one of the locals how much farther. He laughed at us and then told all his friends who laughed as well. But after the hour we arrived at the bus station, and found the mini-bus to Stone Forrest. Only another 2 hours by bus! Possibly we should have done more research to know how far we were traveling for the day.

Once we got there though, it was all worth it. It was MASSIVE stone forest! According to legend, some Chinese giants built a labyrinth of stone for lovers to hide in. Kinky giants. :)

We found a tiny little shop in town to grab some lunch, where I found the first rice dish that I actually liked. Rice with eggs and veggies. Super tasty! Yay! While we were eating we met a local tourguide girl named Annie, and she joined us for lunch. We had a blast practicing our chinese and helping her with english. Picture our table with 1 Norwegian guy, 1 Australia guy, 1 Italian girl, 1 American girl and 1 Chinese girl! It was a little UN. Plus it was hilarious how excited she got when she found out I was from American. Seriously all the other countries got an, “oh ok.” But mine? “America! I love America!” Fabulous!

Side note: I’ve been spending too much time with my fellow Americans, Sam and Andraya. My english degraded into americanese. It became massively apparent while talking to my new friend Laura. I kept saying sentences that she just could not understand. Like, “How much did they run you?” Not an actual sentence. Stupid american slang!

The funny thing was that most of the tourists around the site were all chinese, we were part of the exhibit. I’m back to having my photo taken with locals again! Plus they all ride around in these little buses while we chose to walk everywhere. That really made them look at us funny. We’d pop out of the bushes along the road, and you could tell they were thinking, “where did all the white people come from?!” Hilarious!

After awhile, we’d had our fill of rocks. Cause really, there’s only so long you can look at them. So we headed back for our 3 hour bus trip home. Along the way they convinced me to join them the next day on their trip to Dali! Westward we go!


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