Yeah! Monkeys!

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A forest full of monkeys?! I was stoked beyond all reason. Best part about going to the zoo is the monkeys. I do NOT  want to hear anything about the lions or giraffes (sorry em) or the penguins. Monkeys are the Other than cultural dance, Ubud’s other claim to fame is the Sacred Monkey Forest. It lies just south of town on coincidently Monkey Forest Road. It’s technically called some other name but that’s what the locals call it.

It opens at 8 and wanting to beat the crowds I got there early. Now it doesn’t really have a gate or anything. It just has a booth at the front which at that time was closed. But just inside the path I could see a whole bunch of monkeys on the ground tearing through some bananas! I had thought that I’d only get to see a few monkeys, not so many all at once!  My curiosity got the better of me and I went into the forest to get some photos. I stood around for awhile waiting for the booth to open but about 15 minutes past 8, I just decided to go in. Rebel! Which of course lasted until I saw some workers inside the forest and then feeling guilty, I went back out to wait some more. I know, such a loser.

A few minutes later a woman walked up with a huge basket full of bananas and opened up the booth. While she was setting everything up inside I watched a super large monkey walk up to the door, push it open, steal a bushel of bananas and run out again. Having no shame, he preceded to eat them right on the front steps. I had a conversation with him about his stealing but he didn’t seem to care. Once my ticket was purchased and my own bushel of bananas bought  I entered the forest again. Legally this time. Go me!

Now the lady at the front had told me not to hide the fruit from the monkeys and if they started climbing me to just throw the fruit away. I didn’t pay her much attention, by this point I figured I was a pro at feeding the wild animals. Plus I wanted to get some super good photos! Dude she was right. The second I was in eye sight of them they were all over me! One was climbing up my leg, another was pulling at my bag. The more bananas I gave away the worse it seemed to get! It was the opening scene from Outbreak and I freaked. I finally just threw them far in front of me and they swarmed. It was crazy town! Next time I will believe the nice lady. Once I was no longer in fear of being eaten I had uber amounts of fun.

They were just everywhere! Little baby monkeys and big grumpy old men monkeys (yes there was a playmate for Gus there somewhere).  I took a million photos and then some more after that. It was awesome to be so close to them without a fence or screen. I have a healthy fear of rabies and bites so I didn’t get that close. But still, freakin awesome. I did get to yell at the german lady that was trying to PICK UP THE BABY MONKEY! I mean really! That’s totally unacceptable. I was yelling at her to stop and big nasty momma monkey noticed, came over, and BIT HER right on the arm! Dude! It was like full on Revenge of the Apes! The nice workers had to escort her out and to a local help clinic to get treated, all while yelling at her for touching the monkey. It was kinda fantastic.

Also inside the forest is the Temple of the Dead which is really why the forest is sacred. Since I was smart and have taken to carrying around my sarong and scarf, I got to go into the temple. All Hindu temples have a dress code of sarong, sleeved-shirt, and scarf at the waist. Having been disappointed the day before when I found a new hidden temple, I now carry my stuff at all times. Works like a charm! Plus I was super nice and loaned them to this French guy who wanted to go inside as well. (Yes the dress code is the same for men.) Brownie points for me!

I spent about 3 hours inside the forest running around snapping photos of the monkeys. And sometimes the statues. They are cool statues after all but nothing beats the monkeys!

Some of my fav shots from the day:


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9 Responses to “Yeah! Monkeys!”

  1. Andy says:

    Monkey business in Bali. Does it get an better.

  2. Drew says:

    I’m glad the monkeys didn’t eat you. You should get one for Dodger.

  3. Emily says:

    Dodger would get eaten by a monkey. He would roll over and show his belly and it would all be over from there.

  4. Mom says:

    but…..we love dodgerific!!!

    • Heather says:

      Of course we love him! We just understand that he’s going to get eaten by a monkey in 2.5 seconds.

  5. Natalie says:

    I like the part about the German woman! Serves her right!

  6. Lindsey says:

    I want more monkey pictures!!!

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