Rain, more rain and mud

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I’ve been looking forward to the Cameron Highlands for weeks now. A nice cool hilltop town where you can spend time outside and not sweat to death. Also it seems to be the one place that the tropics live up to their reputation for rain. It was dumping buckets on the drive up the mountain, always guaranteed to make any trip more interesting. It was pouring when I got to my hostel. Thank god they actually had room for me since I hadn’t booked in advance. And I was really dreading having to wander town looking for accommodation.

My new place is pretty nice actually. The dorm room is huge with loads of beds, but it has enough space you don’t feel claustrophobic. It has a great tv room with movies every night plus it’s own cafe for breakfast and dinner. Praise god cause I did not want to go out in the rain for dinner last night! It’s situated on this big hill up so to get to town you have to go down a super long flight of stairs. Think happy thoughts that I don’t take a header down it in the rain.

This morning the sun was actually shining and I took advantage by heading out for a hike. It started off pretty good. I even had some help from a local farmer who pointed me in the correct direction to the start of the path. Sometimes the directions in the book and the actual location can be mucho different. I assume the designers of this trek thought they were being nice by placing paved painted stones at the beginning of the path but really it was a train wreck. With all the rain and the wet leaves, it was basically a slip-and-slide. I tried as much as possible to walk NEXT to the stones and therefore not fall. Soon I ran into where the path split into Path 9 and Path 9A. 9 takes you through the creepiest gate and down a steep hill. 9A veers to the left and is a much nicer hike or so the guide says.

Now I will state that for most of the hike it was pretty great. You saw some really pretty waterfalls, though the water is brown. Like really brown. But about halfway down the path deteriorated severely. It was washed out in sections and filled with downed trees and branches. And most problematic was the mud. Since I had decided to take the easy downhill hike it meant that I basically slide all the way down. The path would crumble and I’d fall off the edge or just slide down on my ass for several feet. By the end I was cursing everyone from the Lonely Planet to my mother for making me go on hikes. Curse you mother nature!

Finally, after what seemed like forever, I made it out alive. I was covered with mud, my pants were soaked and then to add insult to injury, it started to rain. Hard. Ughface I hate the world! Thankfully a truck came along soon after and I managed to hitch a ride back to town. He was a super nice guy and even had a towel for me to borrow! I must have looked really pathetic cause he couldn’t stop asking if I was ok. Of course by the time we’d reached town he’d asked me out on a date, but still he was really nice. And wouldn’t even take money for the ride.

When I got back to the hostel I changed my full day tour for tomorrow (which included a hike through the forest) to the half-day (which has no hiking). The lady didn’t even ask why, she just laughed and changed it.


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  1. Mom says:

    what’s your term?? sounds like a huge “ughface”!! but, as drew always says, when things go badly….is when you get your best stories!!

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