Plans Change, Constantly!

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So I had planned to go to Sumatra after Java, the next island north in Indonesia. That was the plan but then things got complicated.

  1. I spent longer than expected in Jogja cause I was having so much fun. Which is always good!
  2. My visa would be running out in 12 days unless I stayed in Jogja for a week to extend it.
  3. And finally I could not buy a plane ticket to Sumatra within 48 hours of the flight. Seriously?! Why don’t they want my money?!

So I decided to hell with it, I’m heading to Kuala Lumpur instead! Because when life gives you lemons make Malaysia! Or something like that. And I have to say it’s been a good decision so far. I managed to grab a flight out to KL (as the locals call it) the next morning and we were off! The best about traveling in Asia? You get to board the plane on the tarmac, always makes me feel like a movie star!

KL is a fabulous contradiction of a city. It has excellent public transportation which has been a welcome relief. It has spectacular malls! Holy god, they’re amazing. One had a squash court in the center. Even found a Paul Frank store Stacey! Woot! And the food? Truly amazing. It’s a fantastic blend of Indian, Chinese and Malaysian. Awesome, awesome food.

The first night I thought I’d take in the most famous of KL landmarks, the twin towers. They are as impressive as any photo you’ve seen. So I took lots of photos to prove it!


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