My own Mother Hen

Mar 19, 2011 2 Comments by

Traveling back from Batu Caves today I found this sign on the train.

It signals the “Women’s Only” section of the train. Figuring I could use a break from all the male attention I normally attract I decided to ride back in that car. About halfway home a man wandered into the car and of course, seated himself next to me. Before he could even begin the normal interrogation, a mother came up and began dragging him away from me. The whole way down the car, she was yelling and pointing at the signs. When she got to the door, she shoved him through and then waltzed back to her children. As she passed me she gave me a slight smile and bow to which I happily smiled back. I spent the rest of my trip under her watchful eye. Waving when I got off, I thanked her again in Malaysian. It’s nice to know that all moms watch out for their girls and keep an eye out for bad boys.

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  1. Mom says:

    thank you!!! sometimes it takes more than 1 mom to keep things in order!!

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