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After a month of having my own room it’s been strange to back in a dorm. My new roommates? 1 german guy and 2 irishmen, who had the inside track on the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Wandering the streets the day before they had heard about a street party that a local irish pub was hosting. We found a local party store and basically bought them out of everything green. Our outfits consisted of green paper ties, grass skirts and sparkly glittery hats! The looks we got on the way to the party were spectacular. Normally I attract a fair amount of attention walking around, the lone white girl and all. But put together a group of 10 whites all decked out in green grass skirts? Traffic literally stopped. We were frightened that we were going to cause an accident. I swear, it was crazy!

My fabulous roomies!

Now none of us had been expecting much from this shindig, we were in Malaysia after all. Imagine our surprise when we turned the corner and found a rockin street party in full swing! They had blocked off the road and had several DJs booming out tunes. It was insane! And we made an awesome entrance all decked out. We were immediately the star of the party though it didn’t hurt that we had some irish guys with us. Eventually we found our way into one of the pubs where they had an irish band playing. Thank god I have an irish obsessed roommate so I knew all the songs! It was perfect!

The band and the crowd that loved them.

Strangest part of the night? There were these Malaysians dressed up in full costume, like crazy circus costumes. They were amazing but I have no idea what they had to do with St. Pat’s. But hey, they were in costume and we loved every minute of it!


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  1. emily says:

    Freaking love it! Aren’t you glad I am Irish obsessed?

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