Crazy Highland Games

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After the epic fail of my attempt at hiking in the highlands, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and sign up for a tour. I normally try to stay away from them since they tend to charge through the roof, but thought this one would be good to get me out to the tea plantations. And those tea plantations are hella far out there. So the Cameron Secrets Half Day Tour it is!

Now I knew that this tour consisted of some other stops along the way, but had no idea there would be so many! And in such a short span of time! And RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! Seriously, sometimes I think we went a grand total of 500 feet before the bus stopped again. See? This is why I hate tours. They’re silly and drive you everywhere when you could have walked there faster.

A rundown of our stops:

  • The Rose Garden
  • A Hydroponic Strawberry Farm
  • The Butterfly Garden (complete with huge tarantulas. WTF?)
  • A Bee Farm
  • The Central Market
  • Finally the BOH Tea Plantation
  • We actually were supposed to stop at a Buddhist Temple but ran out of time. Thank god.

A rundown of the cool things at each stop:

  • Rose Garden – Crazy freakin statues everywhere. We had so much fun taking out photo with all of them. Especially Gruupy, my new favorite drawf. They even had an American Indian with full headdress. Why I have no idea.
  • Strawberry Farm – Duh, fresh strawberries. They were extra tart and tasty.
  • Butterfly Garden – I seriously have no idea why people build these. No one ever enjoys it. We spent the whole time trying to keep the small children from murdering any more butterflies. The Chinese apparently don’t know that if you pick a butterfly up by the wings it can no longer fly. They were shocked and appalled when we told them. But they did have some super fluffy baby bunnies that were so stinkin cute! I wanted to take one home.
  • Bee Farm – Ummmm nothing. This basically was a waste of time.
  • Central Market – Same goes. I had already bought fruit here the day before.
  • Tea Plantation – This lived up to the hype, awesome times. The view is incredible and it’s the oldest plantation in the highlands. We all sat around, had some tea and butter cheesy rolls when we finished with the tour.

It was a pretty great day, we even planned to watch the Hangover when we got back from dinner. Unfortunately the tv had been commandeered by some Eat, Pray, Love fanatic. Ughface. The only good thing about this was reading the english subtitles. Now it had english sound, but also for some reason it had english subtitles as well. Hilarious! Best one? “Wimp” = “Lost Pants”



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