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On the advice of several people, I took a trip to the outskirts of Perth to a town called Fremantle. It’s a pretty sweet actually, nice and calm. With tons of good gelato. Mmmmmmmm tasty gelato (not gestapo mother). In all honesty it’s known for Cappacino Strip, a huge collection of cafes. But as I don’t drink coffee, I settled on gelato. I took mine to the local park, to grab some shade and read some of my new book. This is what I found there:

A statue called the Explorer’s Monument. Looks innocent doesn’t it? So wrong.

Here’s the plaque on the front:

IN CASE YOU CAN'T READ IT: THIS MONUMENT WAS ERECTED BY C. J. BROCKMAN as a fellow bush wanderer's tribute to the memory of PANTER, HARDING and GOLDWYER earliest explorers after Grey and Gregory of this "Terra Incognita"',attacked at night by treachorous natives were murdered at Boole Boola near Le Grange Bay on the 13 NOVEMBER 1864. also as an appreciative token of remembrance of MAITLAND BROWN one of the pioneer pastoralists and premier politicians of this state,intrepid leader of the government search and punitive party. His remains together with the sad relics of the ill fated three recovered at great risk and danger from lone wilds repose under a public monument in the East Perth Cemetery "LEST WE FORGET"

Pretty much what you see on any statue right? But then there’s this plaque directly below it:

AND AGAIN: THIS PLAQUE WAS ERECTED BY PEOPLE WHO FOUND THE MONUMENT BEFORE YOU OFFENSIVE. THE MONUMENT DESCRIBED THE EVENTS AT La GRANGE FROM ONE PERSPECTIVE ONLY: THE VIEWPOINT OF THE WHITE 'SETTLERS' no mention is made of the right of aboriginal people to defend their land or of the history of provocation which led to the explorers' death. the 'punitive party' mentioned here ended in the deaths of somewhere around twenty aboriginal people the whites were well armed and equipped and none of their party was killed or wounded. this plaque is in memory of the aboriginal people killed at la grange. it also commemorates all other aboriginal people who died during the invasion of their country LEST WE FORGET MAPA JARRIYA-NYALAKU

I thought it was pretty awesome. They did have a right to defend their land from the silly white men with guns.

And just to make sure this post doesn’t veer too far into serious territory:

Damn! Foiled again!


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  1. Drew says:

    I’ve never seen a memorial that had a rebuttal on it.

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