My new love/love relationship with my iPhone

Feb 03, 2011 2 Comments by

I posted before I left that I couldn’t unlock my iPhone from stupid AT&T since I had upgraded to the 4.1 software. This was most vexing to me as I loved my iPhone and all it’s fabulousness. However I recently saw that they had managed to crack the new baseband and a solution was available on the internet. It’s mucho complicated and I was afraid that I would ACTUALLY break my phone. And never be able to use it again. So I decided to utilize one of the many many stores around Melbourne that advertise that they unlock phones. I mean it’s not even like a secret. It’s on a sign, in the window, in big freakin letters. WE UNLOCK IPHONES! Crazytown, in the states it would be a hush hush dealio.

Anyways I took it in and asked them about it. They took my phone, looked at the operating details, told me 30 bucks, and come back in a hour. Simple as that!

Welcome back iPhone in all your glory. :)


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  1. Drew says:

    Woo! Yay for geekiness.

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