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The Sea Esta, our lovely little slice of home. Except it’s a boat. And it’s in the middle of the ocean. And it has a cook. Yay cook!

This was my bunk space, all my crap is all over the bottom bunk. My roomie, Bridie from Townsville, took the top. Good thing we got along cause this was one tiny space.

And this is ladder down into the hole where our bunk room was. Slightly interesting climbing up and down this ladder in the middle of the night in pitching seas when I have to pee.

Jason giving a study pose at the top of the ladder. He had the bunk room next to ours and happily woke us up every morning by banging on the door.

The dive deck, where we got strapped into our gear before each dive. It seems calm now, but with 13 people running around half-naked in wetsuits with tanks, it gets pretty interesting.

The top deck which was our eating/drying off/hanging out/uno playing spot for the entire trip. At any given time this place was full of people doing a multitude of things. Here we’re passing time between dives.

Captain Paul’s chair. He was almost as cool as Capt. Sig. Not quite as we were missing Edgar, but still. He smoked and drank alot, so it was basically the same.

This is the left side of the bathroom…

And this is the right side of the bathroom. Teeny tiny bathroom, with the toilet, sink, and shower all in one. Plus there were only 2 of these on board. @ bathrooms+17 people=1 interesting time

Sure had some amazing sunsets though!


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