A whirlwind filled day

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Wanting to get a glimpse of the expansive outback, I booked a day tour out from Perth to visit the neighboring Pinnacles. To my happy surprise there was tons more of fun stuff on the tour than just the desert.

First stop: Wildlife Park

This guy was my favorite, totally conked out. Here they let us pet the koalas but not hold them. Here’s photo proof I touched one, and no I have no idea why I’m not looking at my camera.

Then it was onto more kangaroos! I never get tired of them, they’re fantastic. They even had white ones, bred especially for that color in captivity. No one could tell me why they wanted white kangaroos there but to each his own.

Why hello there!

Look! Its a baby joey, so tiny!

And a wombat, the STRANGEST animal I have ever seen.

I felt so bad for that guy, he had to sit there while all of us had our picture taken. Say hi Nate!

Second Stop: Lobster Farm

Now I’m under the firm belief the only reason we went to the Lobster Farm was so that we could use their picnic facilities for lunch. Cause it was kinda a crappy tour but the food was tasty! Fresh recently deceased lobster. :)

Gah, he's coming to eat me instead!

Third Stop: The Pinnacles

These are limestone pillars that pop right out of the desert floor and just go one for miles. Taking a walk through one section really gives you a surreal feeling.

Yay sand!

Fourth Stop: 4×4 Sand Dunes

Off-roading is always a blast. Off-roading in a huge tour bus over sand dunes? Freakin fabulous! After taking us down this route once, our driver let us out so that we could take pictures of the ride.

Crazy town!

Fifth Stop: Sandboarding

Sandboarding is essentially sledding, over sand. Now you’re supposed to sit on the board but it looked too much like a snowboard for that! So I might have bended the rules slightly, and went down like this!

The only problem being that your feet are not strapped into the board. Turning is problematic and therefor slowing down is mostly impossible. You either make it to the bottom and slow, or you jump off in a panic. I did not attempt the massive hill like this. I went down like a good girl on my butt. :)

Snowboarding is better. Why? Cause snow melts! Sand gets everywhere. Just like fire extinguishers. :) This smile says, I had a blast, where are the showers??


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  1. Emily says:

    don’t ever ride your snowboard on your butt!!! hahahaha glad that one stuck with you all the way to the desert!

  2. Mom says:

    our girl listened to the divine miss em!!

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