To all future American football lovers – My Appologies

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The Rose Bowl. The ultimate college football showdown. I have actually never watched one before. Shhhhhh don’t tell the football gods. Anyways, Dana (the girl I was staying with) was a Texas Christian alum and they were playing Wisconsin in the bowl! Woot! She had called around to a few bars in Christchurch to find one:

  1. That had American ESPN
  2. Would play the game
  3. Were open at 11am
  4. On a Sunday
  5. On January 2nd

This was a tall order believe me. Nothing was open anywhere. But success! We were off to Spreight’s Ale House to watch. I even got to put my purple scarf to work, yay!  It was an awesome game, lots of back and forth action. Mark (the only non-football loving man I know other than my darling brother of course) even managed to get into the game.

Best part? During half-time the waitress came over to see how our team was doing. And drop the question of, “Soooooo how long are these games?” She had been comparing it to rugby which is 80 minutes long. We didn’t have the heart to tell her that she was in for a long haul. We ate loads of food. And drank lots of beer.  And YELLED really loudly at the tv. Especially when TCU won! Go Horned Frogs! Yes I am aware that is a silly mascot. Go with it.

So my apologies any future football watchers. I’m afraid the Tap House will never play another game. But we had a fabulous time!


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