The never ending Aussie Open

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Melbourne is the home of the Australian Tennis Open. It’s a huge freakin deal here, like tennis everywhere. EVERYWHERE! So you better learn to love tennis while you’re here during the open. I have to admit it’s been several years since I’ve watched a tennis match. And when I sat down to watch my first match it took a long time to figure out how the scoring worked. Points, games, sets, matches. Whole lotta crap going on there.

Most of the really big matches are sold out far in advance but you can still get the grounds tickets for 30 bucks. I was really impressed with the grounds tickets actually. I had thought that basically all you would be able to do is watch the main matches on a big screen. but you can get into tons of matches held on the smaller courts outside.

I saw the match set between Mikhail Youzhny (Russia) and Milos Raonic (Canada). It was a super good game.

Raonic had a KILLER serve. Always over 210 kms.

I started out cheering for Milos cause go Canada, it’s in North America. But about half-way through the match I switched over to Mikhail.

The Russian just before one of his yells.

He was just such an enthusiastic player. He yelled and jumped around alot. The Canadian was ice cold baby, but that’s probably why he won.

Sad Russian.

For the next couple days I managed to get pretty into tennis. In Federation Square downtown, they have a giant big screen where they play all the matches. They even have lounge chairs if you’re lucky enough to grab one.

It a super fun place to watch with all the tourists and business people. Tons of energy in the crowd. Which was nice because the crowd at the open was just so subdued. We needed some yelling! The players can here you, they need the energy!

But after most of the big names had been knocked out, the game loses some of it’s appeal. And mostly I’d like to walk into the TV room at the hostel and watch ANYTHING but tennis. I need a break! Thank god it will be over soon and we can go back to normality. :)

Mikhail Youzhny RUSĀ (10) 4 5 6 4
Milos Raonic CAN

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