Sally sells seashells by the seashore

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We headed up to Kaikoura just north of Christchurch for some whale watching! Woo! Grandma would be so proud. But sadly the sea was CRAZY rough that day and they weren’t letting any more boats out for the day. Well they thought they might but they were giving a SEVERE sea-sickness warning and that just made me a little nervous. So instead we took the advice of the guy at the whale place and went walking up the road to catch some seals! Well not catch them, that’s highly frowned upon. More like take pictures of the seals. Isn’t that better?

The walk there was amazing! It’s just beautiful here all the time, even if the walk took us longer than we had originally thought.

I mean look at that?! It’s like perfect. Then we found the seal hideout.

This is how the exchange went:

Seal on left: Hey guys! What's up?

Seal on right: Dude you are such a show-off.

Seal on left: Fine man. I'm outta here!

Or at least that’s how it went in my head. Always a fun place to be! Then there’s this guy in the middle.

All flattened out, reminds me of dodger.

The weather managed to hold out the whole time we were out there, had been afraid the storm would roll in. The wind was ridiculous coming back but we didn’t get soaked! And sometimes that’s all that matters!


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