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Kangaroos are adorable. Seriously adorable. I always knew they were cute but up close? Forget about it! I joined up with this tour that was going to the Moonlit Conservatory Park as well as a penguin walk. Now the Conservatory is not exactly wild animals but it is close. And more aptly they advertise that you can hand-feed kanagroos. Dude so there!

So once you arrive you get to spend some time getting to know the animals of Australia.

The ever adorable Koala.

The creepy emu. He will eat of your hand but they said sometimes he puts holes in hands. I didn't feed him.

Dingo's Ate My Baby!

And then, the best part!! These are Wallabies. Although technically kangaroos fall into the wallaby family, they are a smaller version. At first I was sad that you only get to feed the wallabies not the kangaroos. They’re a little too skittish for it. But seriously this was even better. Cause they’re so small! And everyone knows I like tiny things.

He's hopping!

Then we managed to entice a few over to us to feed them.

Eeeeek it's so damn cute!

They’re super adorable while you’re feeding them. They hold onto your hand with their tiny hands so you don’t pull away. And they’re pigs! This little guy had me fill up my hand three times before he decided he’d had enough. The first two times after he ate all the food in my hand, he’d sit back and wait for me to fill it up again.

As we were leaving we ran into the actual kangaroos that everyone comes to see. They pretty damn big after seeing all the little wallabies. And they don’t come over to play with you but they’re still pretty freaking cute.

Then we went onto see the Little Penguins. Which I thought were different than the Blue Penguins I had seen in NZ. Sadly no. Exact same. They just call them by a different name which I figured out when we got to the beach. Oops.


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    Ack! Its so fluffy I could die!! I love it… and am still waiting for you to send one.

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    finally a pic of the traveling vagabond!!

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