Hindsight is a beautiful thing

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Penguins are adorable. No joke. They have the ability to turn grown men into giggling little school girls as evidenced by the blue penguin colony.

Sadly this colony you had to pay $25 to get into the grandstand viewing area and then on top of that, they don’t allow photographs! I was willing to try and sneak a few, without the flash of course. Then I saw someone get escorted out for taking pictures.  Maybe not  such a great idea.

Blue penguins come ashore at dusk and into the night in what are called rafts. A group of them will mass out in the bay and once they gather enough numbers, they make a run to the beach. The theory behind this is predators will be hesitant to attack such a large group. Once they make their way to shore, they swim up onto the beach and waddle up into a group to clean themselves. Cue the giggling spree.

Seriously the first time they came up on the beach, our entire group was so loud they ran straight back into the ocean! We all were like, “OMG there they are! Aren’t they cute! Oh look at him swim! He’s so cute! Oh I want one!” I mean really, the octave level rose in that group until we could have shattered glass. It was hysterical!

Once they’ve cleaned themselves enough they start the climb up to the path to the colony. At the very top is a small dirt road that they have to cross. There’s no cars or anything, it’s just an old dirt road. They all gather at the side and once they get up the courage, they waddlewaddlewaddle to the other side as fast as they can! It’s so cute! And then the giggling starts up all over again. This repeats all night long. I think I stayed for about 100 penguins before I finally had to leave. All of my fingers were completely numb and I was shaking horribly. Super cold winds off the ocean!

But this is when the fun began. Once you got back to the car park, you saw groups of people huddled everywhere. They were watching other penguins come ashore! Most of the blues manage to find the correct beach but some come up further down the road. And it’s great because you can take their picture! Cause they’re so stinkin cute! Argh adorable! If you sat yourself down and stayed real still they would walk right by you, close enough to pet. No Drew, I didn’t pet the penguin. I didn’t want to get arrested. Mom’s rules.

I spend about another hour sitting there in the grass watching penguins come up and when I couldn’t work the camera anymore, I finally headed home. I STILL saw penguins all the way back to the hostel. Good to know I could have saved myself the money and sat in the car park all night long. Still it was amazing to see them in the wild!


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    Aw….I want one! It can play in my tub.

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